Naughty Boy Studio


Naughty Boy Studio is situated within the former “Williams Memorial Chapel” in Cripplestyle, Hampshire and ceased to be a place of worship around 2000, being eventually sold to the current owner in 2009. The Chapel was originally built in 1888, with an additional Sunday school building added in 1907 which now houses the artist in residence Mark Richard Hall. The name change to “Naughty Boy Studio” has often raised a few eyebrows and has led to wild and colourful speculation about what goes on inside. In truth, the name is born from the love of the Monty Python film “Life Of Brian” and the fact that visitors still occasionally come to the former Chapel in search of the “Messiah”, sadly for them all they find is a very naughty boy!

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Please note that in the map below the studio is not where the orange bubble is but on the crossroads fork section.


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